How do pulp molded products help protect the environment?

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Environmental Guardians: Exploring the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Pulp Molded Products


How do pulp molded products have a significant impact on the environment?

Pulp molded products have unique advantages in both the raw materials produced and the craftsmanship in the production process, which are more in line with the concept of sustainable development of mankind.

First of all, the raw material - pulp molded packaging is made of 100% plant fibers, such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, etc., and no chemicals are added during the pulping process. It uses recycled waste paper, including cardboard, waste carton paper, waste white edge paper, etc., from a wide range of sources. During the manufacturing process, it is very friendly to the earth's environment and no toxic or harmful materials will be introduced or discharged into the environment. It also recycles waste and reuses resources while protecting the environment. And the waste paper material itself is also made from ecologically friendly plants such as trees and bamboo. This is why we say it will be more in line with the concept of sustainable development!

Biodegradable - since disposable tableware was first used in my country in 1984, foamed plastic tableware with polystyrene (eps) as the main raw material has rapidly spread across every corner of our country, entering the daily lives of passers-by and forming a huge consumer market . According to statistics, my country consumes about 10 billion fast food utensils every year, and it is growing at a rate of 25% every year. Due to the shortcomings of polystyrene, such as non-degradability and difficulty in recycling, it brings great inconvenience to the processing work. Traditional plastics are not degradable and cause huge white pollution, while pulp molded packaging is natural and returns to nature. It can be fully degraded and composted in 3 months under normal burial conditions.

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What are the advantages of pulp molded products besides being more environmentally friendly?

Water consumption: Before pulp molding is produced, the leftover raw materials need to be uniformly processed for pulping and pulping. No wastewater is generated during the production process; all water will evaporate or be reused in the pulping process, which is very important for other packaging industries. It's an unimaginable advantage. In the process of environmental protection, we also call on everyone to save water.

Energy consumption: During the drying process, pulp molded products are basically dried in the open air, about 70% of the time. If open air drying is not possible, use drying in a dryer. It saves a lot of energy consumption.

Integrated molding: reducing production processes.

Diversity of packaging boxes: It can make many special-shaped boxes that traditional packaging cannot make, such as heart-shaped, five-pointed stars, etc., making your packaging box design more personalized. more beautiful.

The finished product is more high-end: it has a feel that traditional packaging does not have, and it is a product that even large companies like Tencent recognize and use. What else are you worried about?


What is the effect of pulp molded products after they are made?

Many people worry about whether things made from new materials will be of poor quality or not effective. In fact, as an innovative product. Compared with ordinary products, the products produced by pulp molding are not only more environmentally friendly, of better quality, and more convenient to carry. If you throw it away, it will automatically degrade into compost, so you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment. However, we still recommend that you do not litter, as our molded products can also be reused. Let’s take you to see the finished products produced by our company.

pulp molded products

pulp molded products

pulp molded products

pulp molded products

The above are just some of our company’s cases. Are they better looking than traditional packaging products? Follow the editor and continue reading to answer more of your questions.

What are the advantages of HTA Environmental Protection Technology in the pulp molding industry?

Design: Professional complete set of packaging solutions (professional design team provides integrated packaging design services)
Cost: Very competitive cost (lowest cost in the industry, benchmark in the technology industry)
Speed: 7 days for sample molds and 14 days for mass production molds (professional designers quickly create molds, high productivity, and fast mass production and shipment)
Technology: Zero-angle drafting (advanced drafting technology, 0-degree drafting is not difficult)
Environmental protection: 100% biodegradable as the goal (contains 90% sugarcane bagasse, which can achieve complete degradation)
Production capacity: fully automatic high-speed machine, unlimited production capacity (the factory is equipped with sophisticated equipment, fast shipping, and can meet various customization needs)

The pulp molding industry is an industry that can meet sustainable development, and Shenzhen HTA Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated design, production and service company focusing on degradable pulp molding packaging and with innovative product design and services as its core. We have our own Some factories have strong production technology capabilities and are headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The company has been working hard for 13 years and adheres to the business philosophy of taking environmental protection as its own responsibility and is committed to the research, development and development of green and environmentally friendly packaging products. , giving new vitality and value to customer products. We have customers all over the world, and have been tested by the market. We have won the recognition and trust of many customers with our reliability and the company's high-quality services. This is the contribution that pulp molding makes to environmental protection, and it is also a customer of each of our colleagues and HTA. A small contribution to environmental protection together.