Environmentally friendly tea packaging, a new force in tea sets! Pulp molding helps the inheritance of tea culture!

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Have you ever encountered the following tea drinking scene?

Disposable plastic cups smell strongly of plastic after being scalded with boiling water. Disposable paper cups lack lids, so when used to brew tea, it is difficult to brew tea. The floating tea leaves on the tea cup are extremely unsightly, and people often encounter the trouble and embarrassment of having a mouthful of tea leaves during drinking. Some disposable teacups even melt away as they soak. Moreover, traditional disposable tea cups are easy to burn your hands and use various chemical additives, etc...

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HTA’s new tea set set solves problems

HTAeco adheres to the concept of high-end environmentally friendly manufacturing and creates a leading brand of high-end degradable pulp molding experts. We are committed to applying environmental protection concepts to life packaging material solutions and contributing sustainably to the development of the green and environmental protection industry.

After the team's unremitting efforts in research and development, our Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Set Youth Edition has been released. The bagasse material it uses is more environmentally friendly, more durable and healthier than traditional disposable cups. It has the environmental protection of disposable paper cups and the flexibility of disposable plastic cups.

The "Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Set" is made of 100% degradable food-grade paper-plastic material. HTA takes health and environmental protection seriously. Abandoning the cumbersomeness of traditional tea-making tools, whether you are working from home or traveling, you can use the "Kung Fu Tea Set" to brew a pot of high-quality tea anytime and anywhere!

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Advantages of pulp molded environmentally friendly tea sets

1. Environmentally friendly materials

All HTA environmentally friendly products are made of sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fiber. The Tencent mooncake gift box that became popular on the Internet last year is also made of this material. Degradable, recyclable, zero pollution, non-toxic and harmless. Green and environmentally friendly packaging materials are the general trend! The birth of "Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Set" is destined to take on the mission of making tea drinking healthier, more environmentally friendly and more convenient!

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2. Minimalist storage

The exquisite and compact packaging of 80mm*80mm contains one pot and three cups, making it easy to carry! Don’t worry, travel light!

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3. Deeply brew tea

Strainer type sink structure, 100% filtered tea residue. The high-temperature resistant spout is designed to release water quickly. Pour in hot water and brew a cup of hand-brewed hot tea in 10 seconds. Enjoy the fun of making tea!

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tea sets

4. Double layer insulation

After ultraviolet high-temperature sterilization treatment, it has a double-layer insulation structure and has good anti-scalding properties. It is lighter than traditional bamboo, solid wood, and ceramic tea trays, and you no longer have to worry about deformation and cracking caused by brewing tea for too long.

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5. Ultra-light experience, surprising price

The net weight of a box of "Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Set" is approximately 120 grams! What is the concept of 120 grams? The iPhone 13 Pro Max is about the same weight as two sets of matte seal youth edition suits. It can be carried with you whether you work at home or go out to play and take a nap! The most surprising thing must be its price! You can own it for less than 2 digits!

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6. Throw away after use

It eliminates the use of any chemical coatings, does not contain lamination, and refuses to use plastic. The paper pulp is prepared from bamboo pulp and sugar cane pulp. It is an edible-grade environmentally friendly product that can be discarded after use. It will be degraded and composted in 3-6 months, so you don’t have to worry about environmental issues!

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Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Set inherits tea culture

Chinese tea culture is a beautiful traditional culture that has been accumulated over thousands of years and has been praised by people of all generations. It is an elegant culture that celebrities and celebrities are willing to participate in. Tea culture is also a popular culture that is widely participated by the people. Tea culture covers the whole people and affects the entire society. Chinese tea has been loved by Chinese people for thousands of years because of its characteristics of refreshing, refreshing, and aiding digestion. Whether you are receiving distinguished guests or greeting relatives and friends, serve a steaming cup Tea will be the beginning of a good relationship. The Wuxi Kung Fu Tea Youth Edition Set is wrapped in pulp molding material to innovate and carry forward the Chinese tea culture!

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