The tea circle + environmental protection circle is a strong cross-border, HTAeco "tea making capsules" are hot new!

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The perfect fusion of environmental protection and tea sets


In the current post-epidemic era, for those who love tea, no matter how many times the traditional cups are rinsed with boiling water, they will worry that the hot water will not disinfect bacteria well? At the same time, we are also worried about the shortcomings of disposable tea sets: environmental pollution, waste of materials, the edges of disposable water cups are coated with waterproof wax, which will burn your hands if the water temperature is too high, heavy additives, fluorescent bleach, etc.

It would be particularly interesting to have a disposable tea set that is made of ultra-new environmentally friendly materials and is easy to use and can also meet the aesthetic design of the post-8090 generation.

HTAeco adheres to the concept of high-end environmentally friendly and intelligent manufacturing and creates a leading brand of high-end degradable pulp molding experts. We are committed to applying environmental protection concepts to life packaging material solutions and contributing sustainably to the development of the green and environmental protection industry.

HTAeco adheres to the concept of green environmental protection to create "Tea Making Capsules" environmentally friendly tea sets. The "Tea Making Capsules" are made of 100% degradable food-grade paper. HTAeco takes health and environmental protection seriously. Abandoning the cumbersomeness of traditional tea-making tools, you can use the "tea-making capsule" to brew a pot of high-quality tea anytime, anywhere, whether you are working from home or traveling.

Below, join HTAeco to reveal the 6 highlights of “tea making capsules” and easily become a “tea master” in your circle of friends!

Highlight 1·Environmentally friendly materials

All HTAeco products are made of sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fiber. This year’s popular Tencent mooncake gift box is also made of this material. Green and environmentally friendly packaging materials have become a general trend. "Tea Capsules" have shouldered the mission of making tea drinking healthier, more environmentally friendly and convenient since its birth!

tea making capsules

Highlight 2·Minimalist storage

With a very creative "capsule"-like device design and an "assembled" storage structure, tea sets and teapots can be freely assembled and stored. Free your hands to make and drink tea more freely!


Highlight 3·Deep tea brewing

Strainer type sink structure, 100% filtered tea residue. The high-temperature resistant spout is designed to release water quickly. Pour in hot water and brew a cup of hand-brewed hot tea in 10 seconds. Enjoy the fun of making tea!

tea making capsules

Highlight 4·Double-layer insulation

After ultraviolet high-temperature sterilization treatment, it has a double-layer insulation structure and has good anti-scalding properties. It is lighter than traditional bamboo, solid wood, and ceramic tea trays, and you no longer have to worry about deformation and cracking caused by brewing tea for too long.


Highlight 5·Ultra-light experience

The net weight of a box of "tea making capsules" is about 150 grams! What is the concept of 150 grams? It is lighter than the newly released IPHONE 13 PROMAX and can be carried with you whether you are working from home or taking a nap!

tea making capsules

Highlight 6·Throw away after use

It eliminates the use of any chemical coatings, does not contain lamination, and refuses to use plastic. The paper pulp is made from bamboo pulp and sugarcane pulp. It is an environmentally friendly food-grade product that can be discarded after use without worrying about environmental issues!

tea making capsules

Have a party and camp, invite your relatives and friends together, and use the "Tea Making Capsule" to make a cup of hot tea for your loved ones!